full screenITP "in the round" Spring 1998
IPIX Photography © Bill Swersey ('98)

Navigate around this panorama with your mouse or arrow keys. You can look in every direction, including up and down. Zoom in or out by positioning the mouse in the center of the image and clicking (you will see a magnifying glass icon). The "+" and "-" keys on your keyboard also control zoom.

The IPIX plug-in is required to view this image in an internet browser window. The plug-in is a quick download, you can get it here.

A java version which does not require a plug-in is

fisheye imageIPIX photographs are made by combining two images shot back-to-back with an 8mm fisheye lens (using a traditional or digital camera).The photos are imported into a special builder and stitched together into a proprietary format. Before they are processed into an IPIX, each 180 degree hemisphere looks like the image at right, the IPIX software maps the images to the inside of a sphere and removes the fisheye distortion. Since only two photos are required to capture an entire scene, IPIX allow for much more action and spontaneity than other "VR" photography techniques. 

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Special thanks to the people at IPIX for helping with this project.